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Frequently Asked Questions

How many times a year is the California Country Antique Show held?

We are currently holding two shows in northern California in June and October. Many people attend both shows each year.

How does California Country compare to shows back East?

This show has been modelled after traditional New England country and folk art antique shows. And yes, there are great antiques from the 17th-19th centuries here in California. You'll find that the quality of the antiques is as high as any of the shows back east. Dealers are carefully screened and are only allowed to exhibit appropriate country and folk art antiques. As a result show attendees and dealers often comment that California Country is as good, if not better, then most of the shows they've attended back east. The prices here are just as competitive as back east - in fact, prices here can be better than many comparable pieces at the quality show. We have dealers that fly from the east coast to attend this show to purchase antiques and ship them back east.

If there is rain, will the shows be cancelled?

Our Los Altos show in northern California is both an indoor and outdoor show. It is very rare to have rain in June or October in Los Altos. In the 26 years of the show, it has only rained once - but all of the outdoor dealers were accomodated under roof areas and the show went on without a hitch!

I am looking to buy a specific item or for dealers who sell specific items. Can you help me?

Other than the broad categories you see listed on our site we have no way of knowing what a specific dealer will be bringing to the show. There is however a list the dealers exhibiting under both Costa Mesa and Los Altos. Some of those dealers have a more detailed information page with contact information and links to their own websites. We suggest you look over the list and contact dealers directly with any specific questions you may have. Please check with the dealer to ensure they will be exhibiting at the show you plan to attend. We try to keep the list updated but sometimes plans change.

Are strollers able to get around the show ok?

Yes, strollers can get around just fine. We like the idea of exposing children to antiques and welcome them. We do ask that you supervise any children so no damage is accidentally done to the antiques at the show.

Are dogs permitted?

Please do not bring your dogs to the California Country shows. The OC Fair and Event Center in Costa Mesa specifcally prohibits dogs. In Los Altos, we ask that your dogs stay in the car or, if they are small enough, in your arms. Thanks for your understanding.

How can we contact the California Country and Folk Art Antique Show?

If you are a dealer interested in exhibiting at the show, please fill in this form and we will contact you.

We would love to add your postal or email address to our show mailing list. Please use this form.

Mailing address: 1107 Fair Oaks Ave, South Pasadena, CA 91030-3311
Phone number: 626.437.6275
Email address: antiquesevents@yahoo.com